Mountain Dulcimers

Our best seller has great workmanship and is reasonably priced to makes it a true bargain. TK O'Brien's Walnut Creek mountain dulcimer is a sweet sounding and exceptional looking instrument. It's offered in a variety of woods for the soundboard and choices for the sound hole patterns. 

It has a well balanced hourglass shape. 34 1/2 inch long, 7 1/2 inch wide, 2 1/8 inch deep. The fretscale length is 27 1/2″. A 6 1/2 fret is standard. This dulcimer has 4 strings that are arranged in the traditional three string with double melody style. The fretboard is nice and wide which allows for easier fingering. The nut also has notches to allow for equidistant spacing for playing in the fingerpicking style.

Woods used: Walnut Creek dulcimers have a solid Walnut back, sides, fret board and scroll head. There is no ply used on these dulcimers. The back and top wood are bookmatched which adds to the beauty of the instrument. 

Made in U.S.

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