Hands-On Dulcimer


Designed to help the dulcimer player grown in technical ability by developing strength, precision, control and flexibility in both hands. Explores flatpicking, fingerpicking, slurs, chords, strumming, left hand precision and placement, right hand strength and control, volume, tone, articulation and more. Most tunes and exercises are in DAD with a few exceptions. Some exercises are included for four string and five string dulcimers. 6+ fret required. The accompanying audio demonstrates key exercises and most of the tunes in the book. Audio available as an online download. 176 pages.

Song List:
Tunes combining flatpicking and chords:
The First Noel
The South Wind
Loch Lomond
The Languor of Love
Old Time Fiddle Tunes
Old Molly Hare
Shooting Creek
Sally in the Garden
The South Wind
Megan’s Daughter
The Munster
Challenging Pieces
The Scotch Cap
Harvest Home
Four and Five-String Arrangements
The Ash Grove
The South Wind
Grace Nugent


Type: Book