Door Harps

Door harps are handcrafted home accessory items that welcome family and friends with a beautiful musical greeting. They create a delightful sound each time you open or close the door as the balls on the harp strike the strings creating a clear, sweet sound as they fade away after several moments . They also make great gifts. Perfect for housewarming, birthdays, Christmas.

Featuring a variety of wood and designs, there are many options for enhancing your space.  Woods include walnut, cherry, aged repurposed hickory including some gorgeous wormy selections, stunning spalted sycamore and other woods as they become available. Most of these are one of a kind. Sometimes there will be multiples of a particular wood/design.

We also have some that are some that are more production oriented and they are more consistent in appearance although the grain will vary slightly.

TK O'Brien's door harps can be hung on wooden doors or metal doors, typically on the interior front door. For wood doors, insert a brad nail (we include one) at a slight upward angle into your door and hang the door harp. Peel off the double sided tape on the bottom of the door harp and allow it to stick to your door to keep from shifting with door movement.  For metal doors use strong magnetic tape on several areas on the back to attach to the door. 

Each door harp comes pre-tuned and we include instructions and tuning wrench to make slight adjustment to the sound as needed.