Door Harps

Door harps are handcrafted home accessory items that welcome family and friends with a beautiful musical greeting. They create a delightful sound each time you open or close the door. They also make great gifts.

TK O'Brien's door Harps can be hung on wooden doors or metal doors (with the use of magnetic tape). When the door is opened, the balls on the harp strike the strings creating a clear, sweet sound.

Birch, oak, and walnut wood is used. The oak and walnut woods are left in their natural color. The birch is stained an early American finish.  The Celtic Knot versions have an intricate laser cut sold wood Celtic Knot insert into the soundhole. All woods but particularly walnut can and will vary in appearance of grain and lighter to darker tones. All door harps have a satin lacquer finish. They measure 9 3/4″ high, 7 1/2″ wide, 1″ deep. Boxed with instructions and tuning wrench.