Lap Harp Music

We have TK O'Brien's 19 different standard music packs, 3 custom music packs, a blank set of lined sheets for you to chart your own music and and an advanced playing pack. They are designed to use on TK O'Brien's lap harps (zithers or plucked psalteries) but sometimes can be used for other makers lap harps. This music CAN'T be used on the First Act. 

Each standard music pack contains 12 songs with words, if applicable. The music has only the melody notes.

The custom music packs have 18 songs and have melody notes and have the harmony on selected notes. The melody notes are in a black color and harmony are in a lighter shade. Custom music packs are designed for the custom lap harp and do not fit precisely in the standard or deluxe lap harps. If purchased for other than a custom lap harp we cannot guarantee that the music will line up under the strings appropriately.

The standard and custom packs can be used on all our lap harps. When using the standard music on the custom lap harp, you won't use the bottom string of your custom lap harp.