Custom Lap Harp


Custom lap harps have more features than the standard models.

The starter set of music is written in the same ‘connect the dots’ style for the ultimate in easy playing for everyone regardless of music background. But, in addition, an easy to follow system of adding harmony notes is incorporated into the music. The melody notes are written in black; the harmony notes are in a lighter shade to differentiate them. You can choose to pluck only the melody notes with a pick or use your thumb and index finger or middle to pluck melody and harmony simultaneously where indicated.  The Custom Lap Harp, like the Standard and Deluxe models, also has 2 octaves in the key of G. In addition, this model has one more string below the bottom G. This F# is not usually needed when playing only the melody but does get used for adding harmony at times.

Optional  The custom model is available with a pickup installed on the bottom rail.  A stereo cord and amplifier are necessary accessories and are sold separately. Amplifying the lap harp is useful when playing in group settings with other instruments or when playing solo in larger room venues such as church, retirement homes, etc where more sound projection is desired. The model with a pickup is available in walnut wood only and is higher priced than the regular custom model. 

Custom Lap Harp Specs
16 strings, 2 octave range
Length: 17″ bottom rail
Height: 8 1/2″
Weight: 2 1/2 lbs approx.
Top and back: Birch or Walnut ply.  The ply is a high grade quality.
Pin blocks: Hard Maple
Lacquer finish.
Built in U.S.

What’s Included
Set of starter music and instructions, gooseneck tuning wrench, pick, set of 3 spare wires and soft carrying case.  

The starter set of music includes:
• Amazing Grace
• Scarborough Fair
• Oh Susanna
• When the Saints Go Marching In
• In the Good Old Summertime
• She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
• On Top of Old Smoky
• Suwannee River
• By the Light of the Silvery Moon
• You Are My Sunshine
• Sounds of Silence.

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