Honeytone Mini Amp


The Honeytone mini amp can be used on most instruments. The Honeytone is small, about 5 inches square which is small enough to go anywhere, but has more amplification than many other mini amps. There is a belt clip to make it easy to carry. Power with a 9 Volt battery (included) or purchase separately a 9 Volt Supply. You can vary the sound with volume, tone and gain knobs. The owner’s manual shows how to use these settings.

The IN jack of the mini amp allows you to connect to your instrument with an instrument cable which can be costly but we’ve found that an inexpensive electronic tuner pick-up works well. You will need to purchase this separately. To use the tuner pickup, plug the male end of the pickup in the mini amp and use the clamp end to attach to a pin on the instrument. If your instrument has a pickup installed use a 1/4 inch male to male cable instead.

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