Lap Harp Music - Advanced Playing


This music is designed to use on TK O'Brien's lap harps (zithers or plucked psalteries) as shown on this site but sometimes can be used for other makers lap harps. This music WILL NOT fit in the First Act lap harp.

Pack components:

  • How to Add Harmony (4 sample songs included).
    This page explains how to selectively add some harmony notes to play together with the melody. Use this information to pencil in harmony notes to your lap harp music.

  • How to Retune and Play Using Dulcimer Tablature
    Mixolydian key of D, Ionion keys of C and D
    By making a couple of easy note changes and changing starting positions on the lap harp as described in the information pack, you can play some but not all tunes in Ionian C-G-G and D-A-A and Mixolydian D-A-D.

  • Recommended String Chart and Tuning Scheme
    Helpful to keep if you have misplaced the one that came with your lap harp.

  • Replacement String Set of 3.
    String set is not enough to replace all 15 strings.  It has the 3 different gauges to replace one each of .014, .015 and .018 diameter strings that TK O'Brien's lap harps use.

Collections: Lap Harp Music

Type: Accessory

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