Limberjacks appeal to the child in us at any age. Often used in storytelling and among student settings, the limberjack is a replica of handcarved toys that probably originated in Europe several hundred years ago. Brought to America by early settlers it has taken on an Americana flavor. It has gone by a variety of names such as paddle puppet, jigger, and clogger. Indeed a clog dancer is what the limberjack imitates when he is made to dance. His arms swing wildly and his feet clop against the paddle.

To make him dance, you need to be seated. Tuck the paddle partly under your hip. The limberjack is suspended from a stick of dowel rod and held over the paddle. You tap the paddle and when it bounces up to hit his feet you create the clacking sound. With practice, you can dance his loose-limbed arms and legs to the rhythm of music by shaking him down on the beat so his feet will click on the correct time.

Sold undecorated in ash wood. Can be hand painted to reflect a character of your choosing.

Each limberjack includes a stick to suspend it on, a paddle on which to bounce it, and instructions. The figure is 10 inches high and the paddle is 23 inches long. Made in US.

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Type: Percussion

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