13/12 Hammered Dulcimer Package


musiThe 13/12 Hammered Dulcimer is ideal for the beginner or casual player. I At 11 pounds it is easily toted around in its case.

The complete package includes a

  • carrying case
  • how to get started book
  • playing strip guide (cheater strip)
  • tuning wrench
  • hammers
  • dowel peg to use as a stand on a table (described below)

The tuning wrench is a gooseneck style tuning wrench. The hammers are pair of single sided hardwood hammers. The book TK O'Brien's Guide to Playing the Hammered Dulcimer (AHD-IS) is geared towards the absolute beginner. The book has basic instructions along with some familiar tunes to practice and play. Included are note guide strips to place on the dulcimer to help learn the courses. These strips help the beginner or player who doesn't read music to start hammering out simple tunes within a very short time. Another unique feature is a slot in the back of the dulcimer to fit the dowel peg to use as a brace for playing the dulcimer on a table. The protective carrying case is made of padded heavy duty nylon and has a roomy pocket for holding books and hammers.


  • Length: 35" bottom rail, 16 1/2" top rail
  • Height: 14 1/2"
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • String spacing is 1 inch
  • String sizes: .016, .018, 0120, .022, .024 loop-ended steel
  • Top and back: Baltic Birch 5 ply with natural birch   finish. Pin blocks: Hard Maple. Bridges: Cherry. Top and bottom rails: Maple or Cherry. Celtic Knot soundhole is laser cut solid wood.
  • 2 1/2 octaves from G at bottom to D# at top on the bass, C# to G# on right treble. 2 strings per course
  • 2 year warranty
  • Built in U.S.

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