16/15 Hammered Dulcimer


The 16/15 Hammered Dulcimer is great for the beginner wanting a larger instrument than the 9/8 or 13/12 but who is on a budget.   

The 16/15 threee octave dulcimer has 16 courses of strings on the treble bridge and 15 courses on the bass bridge.  There are 2 strings per course. It has a well balanced sound with average sustain.  At 18 pounds in its case the lighter weight compared to similar size instruments make it easier to carry.  This size gives you more range to play a greater variety of songs.  Soundly constructed of high quality Baltic Birch ply for the top and back, hard Maple for the pin block and solid cherry for the bridges.  The bridges are capped with contrasting pieces of black and white delrin.  White pieces are used as bridge makers for denoting where scales begin and end.

The complete package includes a

  • carrying case
  • how to get started book
  • playing strip guide (cheater strip)
  • tuning wrench
  • double sided hammers
  • dowel peg to use as a stand on a table 

Dulcimer Specifications

  • Length: 41 1/2" bottom rail
  • Height: 17 3/4"
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • String Spacing is 1 inch
  • Top and back: Baltic Birch 5 ply with a black lacquer finish. Top and bottom rails: Maple; Pin blocks: Hard Maple; Bridges: Cherry
  • Strings diameters used are .016, .018, .020, .022, and .024 steel
  • 3 octaves from D at bottom to C at top on the bass, 2 strings per course
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in the US


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